May 07, 2011

Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman - a Review.

Plain Proposal (A Daughters of the Promise Novel) by Beth Wiseman (Amazon UK link - Plain Proposal)
This is the first novel that I have read by Beth Wiseman. It is also the first novel that I have read that is set in Amish society. 
Plain Proposal (Daughters of the Promise Novel)
The story tells of a young Amish girl, Miriam, who is on her ruimschpringe - the 2 years when Amish teenagers are given the freedom to explore the 'Englisch' world before making a decision to be baptised into the Amish faith. Miriam's ruimschpringe is made more interesting by her non-Amish cousin Shelby coming to stay. 

Miriam has admired Saul from afar since a child and he her. However Saul has plans to leave the Amish community. The book tells of Miriam's struggles to decide what is best to do, her family's heartache over it and Shelby's increasing love for the Amish way of life. 

This book was a compulsive read. I read it in 2 sittings wanting to find out what happened next. It portrayed the Amish society in a loving light and includes a helpful Pennsylvania dutch word list. It also includes some typical Amish recipes at the back. 

I would love to read more books by Beth Wiseman. The books are faithful to God and without any morally inappropriate scenes. A joy to read. Thank you. 

I received this book to review from - my review is my own opinion.

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  1. This looks really good! I have read some of the other stories in this series and really liked them, I may have to check out this one as well.



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